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What is Facial treatment?

Facial (face facial) is one of the most popular and famous spas after massage. Facial treatment means placing a regular set of masks, solutions, oils and soothing on the face, which is accompanied by a massage in a calm and pleasant atmosphere on the face of a person who is lying down. The purpose of the facial is to improve the condition of the skin, soothe the skin and avoid irritation, as well as provide mental peace for the person.

Facial is a multi-step treatment for the skin and is a perfect way to care for the skin of the face and neck. A facial can cleanse the skin, exfoliate, drain the pores, nourish the skin, hydrate, make the skin clearer, remove the dullness of the skin, and finally Make the skin look younger.

The medical aspect of facial treatment is not as practical as systemic and radiotherapy because it deals more with natural and safe substances that are placed on the skin of the face and neck. But performing facial treatment regularly and continuously guarantees its effect and multiplies it. Also, performing facial along with other treatment methods, strengthens the facial effect and brings it to its best results.

There are many reasons to perform facial treatment. Many people do this to get rid of blackheads, and there are some who want to rejuvenate the skin, and there are those who just need peace of mind and caressing it.

The perfect facial condition is to be done with clean towels, cushions and towels under the person for more comfort and convenience, in a calm and clean environment in a personal room with soft music and a pleasant smell so that everyone provides facilities for comfort. For this reason, along with removing skin imperfections, facial is one of the common spa methods to relax the mind and body.

How and where to perform facial treatment?

In Toronto, Canada the steps of a facial treatment can include:
• Consult with an aesthetician, which is done to inform the aesthetician of medications, diet, allergies, diseases, prohibitions and other things.
• Prepare to lie on the bed and perform facial
• Clean the skin with a cotton swab, special sponge or napkin
• Recognize skin type without makeup, e.g. dry, oily, mixed, sensitive and normal, and evaluate the skin health in terms of the amount of pimples, wrinkles, the effects of the sun and other factors
• Steam for more relaxation and open the pores of the skin before emptying and preparing for the next step.
• Exfoliation with the help of chemicals such as enzymes and acids, or natural substances and with the help of massage; To flake dead skin layers and separate them
• Cleansing the skin, draining pimples, removing impurities and dead cells from the skin and from inside the pores
• Massage
• Mask placement
• Apply toner, oil, serum or final moisturizer

Or you can just make a quick call to the Rosha clinic to bring peace into your skin and mind!

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