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What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation and somewhat invasive procedure to improve overall skin tonnage, texture and appearance. Microdermabrasion can be useful for people who have the following issues on their skin:
• Superficial and shallow lines and wrinkles
• signs of old wounds and pimples
• Types of skin pimples such as blackheads
• Open skin pores
• Brown spots and pigmentation problems
• Melasma
• Skin opacity
• Non-living and dead appearance of the skin
• Obesity and slimming cracks
• Damage caused by sunlight
It should also be noted that there is no limit to skin color for microdermabrasion, and people with dark skin can also choose the microdermabrasion treatment for themselves.

How Microdermabrasion works?

The microdermabrasion method works in such a way that abrasive tools, either manually wear the skin and thus, the most superficial layer of the skin and of course the dead skin would be scratched. This scratched layer is pulled by the vacuum machine and delivers a clean result. As a result of removing the outermost layer of skin, the lower layers will be shown, which are actually younger and fresher, and thus bring the patient a younger skin.
In some cases, devices with a series of fine crystals are used to shave and wear dead skin with a function such as foot stone. The depth of this abrasion can depend on the pressure applied to the device as well as the time of contact of the device with the skin.
In other materials, microdermabrasion is done manually and the skin is rubbed with the pressure of a hand tool with rotating abrasives.

“Diamond microdermabrasion”, on the other hand, involves the utilize of a diamond-tipped wand that is apply to slough away the top level of the skin (an abrasive procedure), while the wand’s vacuum sucks up dirt and dead skin cells simultaneously. No particles are left on the skin. Aesthetician in Rosha clinic apply “Diamond method” due to its great result and less side effect.

Complications and recovery period of microdermabrasion

Because microdermabrasion targets the outermost and outermost layers of the skin, causing them to wear and tear, the skin might become irritated and maybe somewhat inflamed and red. But the only concern and care after microdermabrasion ends in two points. The first point is that due to the removal of the outer layer of the skin, the skin becomes more irritated and more sensitive to contaminants; As a result, skin contact with contaminated objects can cause infection. The second point that needs to be observed in case of high inflammation and allergies is the regular use of an ointment or gel that is given to the patient to take care of the skin after microdermabrasion. This care has a therapeutic aspect and the patient must complete his treatment period.

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Pre-microdermabrasion care

Since microdermabrasion is a simple cosmetic procedure that is not defined in the form of surgery, it does not require special care, but it is recommended to use exfoliating creams, tanning creams, facial waxing and placement. Avoid intense sunlight for three days to a week before microdermabrasion.
Generally, aestheticians in Rosha clinic can perfectly guide you to perform microdermabrasion in a highly equipped clinic in Toronto, Canada.

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