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Skin peel

What is Skin peel?

Chemical peeling of the skin is a cosmetic treatment that can be applied to the skin of the face, neck and hands. Exfoliation is done to improve the appearance of the skin and thus the patient satisfaction of the skin. During this process, the skin is cut into pieces and finally peeled off. As long as this happens, the underlying skin is prepared to be the outermost layer of skin. This layer has fewer wrinkles and lines, is softer and has fewer signs of damage to be known as new skin.

What improves skin peeling?

Wrinkles and soft lines of the skin, sun damage, scarring, skin pigmentation, uneven skin color, melasma or brown spots are some of the deficiencies that can be a reason for skin peeling.

Peeling surfaces of the skin

Peeling of the skin can be divided into three levels: severe, moderate and mild. Mild or superficial exfoliation penetrates only the outermost layer of the skin and also uses low-strength materials. After cleansing the skin, chemicals are applied to the skin with a brush, gauze or cotton swab or another tool. After the reactions start, the skin turns white and the person feels a slight sensation of chemical reactions going on, on their skin. After this time, the neutralizing medicines are applied to the skin to restore the acidic environment on the skin.
Deep or intense exfoliation, in turn, penetrates the middle layers of the skin to gain deep access to dead skin cells. The material used in this peeling is a strong chemical; Therefore, the duration of application of the acidic chemical on the skin in deep peeling is limited and less than the other two cases. At this level of exfoliation, the person is affected by sedatives so that they do not feel reactions on their skin.
Finally, medium exfoliation uses medium chemicals to access the outer and middle layers of the skin. The chemicals are applied to the skin with a special sponge or ear cleaner. Medium peeling is added to the trichloroacetic acid in the exfoliating chemicals and the material turns blue, which is why this type of skin exfoliation is also known as blue exfoliation. During the procedure, the skin begins to whiten and no neutralizers are needed, but a variety of coolers may be used for greater patient comfort.

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Common complications of skin peeling

In some cases, depending on patient skin type following complications may occur that recover after a short period of time:
• Darker or lighter skin, which is more common in people with dark skin.
• Skin lesions
• Infection; Exfoliation can rarely cause bacterial or fungal infections
• Putting little pressure to the heart, liver or kidneys due to phenols in deep exfoliation chemicals.
The recovery time of each exfoliation level is variant and has its own care, but in the meantime, deep exfoliation care for even the smallest things such as washing and moisturizing the skin must be as doctor’s advice or aestheticians recommend.

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