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Viva Venus treatment

What is Viva Venus Treatment?

Viva Venus is a skin treatment device that offers remarkable results with lowest side effects. This device deals with the help of RF or Nano Fractional Radio Frequency that RF affects the skin for treatment and alter by low frequency radio waves. Viva Venus lite utilizes the same technology, but in a more advanced way, with smart scanning.

Viva Venus is a safe and secure radio frequency transmitter that allows the operator to control coagulation and regeneration to be more effective and improve performance in repairing rough and damaged tissues. Viva Venus is effective for removing bumpy skin tissue, uneven skin color and pigment, skin lines and wrinkles, as well as the trace of various blemishes or acne and skin wounds and improving the texture of damaged skin types. This device can replace all other medical devices cos it combines the function of all of them in one light device.

Viva Venus treatment can be effective and safe for various skin pigments, even dark-skinned people. This advantage that the skin color and in fact the skin pigment of the client is not a criterion for the work of Viva Venus device count as one the great features of this device.

Viva Venus treatment is perfect for those who prefer not to have outpatient surgery and have a natural, real and really fresh appearance and skin. In fact, nothing changes the nature, only the skin regains the appearance that it naturally had without destructive factors. Same skin; But a little younger and healthier!

The application of lasers and radiotherapy does not have in itself severe side effects and a long recovery period, but Viva Venus significantly does not have even the same small amount of side effects and short recovery period!

How does the Viva Venus device work?

Viva Venus works with tiny needles that safely transmit heat generated by harmless radio waves to the skin. These needles cause tiny wounds on the surface of the skin that the body automatically repairs and heals. This process stimulates the skin to produce elastin and collagen, treats the signs of damage to the skin and ultimately makes the skin younger and softer.

Prohibits in the application of Viva Venus

Here are some of the contraindications for treatment with Viva Venus:

  • The presence of any active electronic device in the body
  • The presence of any permanent implants near the desired area
  • Women’s pregnancy
  • A background of cancer or active cancer
  • Immune system disorders
  • Glandular dysfunction
  • skin disorders backgrounds
  • Blood thinner consumption
  • Face or eyelid lift during the last three months
  • Perform any skin treatment or use of chemical pills during the last three months
  • Beauty and cosmetic injections during the last two weeks
  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs during the past week
  • Any surgery during the last six months
  • Excessive and noticeable tanning
  • Having a tattoo near the desired area

In these cases, consult with your medical expert before taking any action.

rosha clinic in toronto

Where to perform Viva Venus treatment?

Rosha clinic utilizes the latest technology to perform a premium treatment in Toronto, Canada. Estheticians in Rosha clinic with lots of successful and satisfied patients can help you to stay young and beautiful as before!

Rosha Clinic Viva Venis Treatment Services

Rosha Clinic provides three kind of viva venus treatment services that you see them below, click to read more.

IPL Photo Rejuvenation

RF fractional

Cellulite reduction

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