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Cellulite Reduction

What is cellulite and when does it occur?

Cellulite is a very common and harmless skin condition that causes the skin to look fragmented and wrinkled. This bulge is of the body tissue itself. Cellulite is more common in women because female fat is more common in areas such as the thighs and buttocks, areas that are common with cellulite formation. Cellulite also targets most of the groin, abdomen, arms, buttocks and thighs.

Before introducing the cellulite reduction methods, let’s get deeper on the development process. Cellulite develops when fat cells enlarge and put pressure on other tissues. As you gain weight and accumulate fats, your chances of developing cellulite increase. Of course, this skin condition also occurs in lean people. Also, with age, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes prone to cellulite. Of course, cellulite also depends on genetics, age, hormone function, gender and skin thickness.
In this case, if we imagine that in a cross-section of the skin, fibrous tissue fibers attach fats to the muscles as a flexible intermediate pillar; Enlargement of fat cells and their accumulation puts pressure on the fibrous tissues and makes them stretch. No matter how hard these strands come to maintain strength, there is a limited height for each layer. The filament, which acts as a connecting pillar, allows a limited amount of fat to accumulate; And on the other side, the next strand of fiber is stretched in the same way and keeps the height of the layer the same. But in the space between the two strands, there are fewer restrictions and large fat cells can accumulate more easily. This is why cellulite and skin roughness occur due to the accumulation of fat.

Symptoms of cellulite

Mild cellulite is only visible in certain areas when a person squeezes and contracts a part such as the skin of the thigh. The patient observes that the gathered skin is not like a healthy skin, but is full of ups and downs that do not make a uniform skin. In fact, in this case, the skin can not be formed and bent properly, because the depressions and protrusions called cellulite prevent this and that specific parts of the skin can not bend properly.

Cellulite reduction treatment

Weight loss, exercise, massage, the use of creams and home remedies can help reduce cellulite. These treatments for cellulite reduction focus on increasing blood flow to the area and do not permanently eliminate cellulite. But hopefully, there is a device treatment that performs the cellulite reduction by the device. By stimulating the blood, this device circulates it artificially, and in fact compensates for the laziness in the cellulite area. As blood circulation increases, more oxygen reaches the organs of the body and metabolism increases. As this process continues, the fats accumulated in the cellulite area are burned and take on a smaller size. In other treatments, vibration transfer and breaking of the structure of fats and disruption of their accumulation are desired. As a result of these two methods for cellulite reduction, the height difference between the variant skin parts would reduce and the skin becomes smoother.
In Rosha clinic aesthetician utilize latest technology of “Venus Legacy” machine for a 6 to 10 treatment session depending on patient cellulite spread and specific part of body to reduce cellulite. Its recommended to perform this type of treatment weekly.

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